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Eigo Two lifting system kitchen furniture height adjustable payload complete
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Lifting System Eigo Two - Elegant powerful height adjustability for kitchens and furniture

Complete and ready

The content of delivery contains all components for a successful installation. There are no additional parts to order. Extremely robust stainless steel fittings guarantee stability in every situation.

Stainless steel

Brushed stainless steel brushed telescopic covers are included. The sturdy stainless steel fittings with countersunk mounting holes are made to withstand high leverage forces.


All components fit exactly where they belong. This makes installation and commissioning child’s play even without specialist knowledge.


Eigo Two raises and lowers 800kg/1760lbs (1600kg/3530lbs lifting capacity on request) and is particularly suitable for large furniture with a cantilevered wingspan of 1.5 meters and more. For oversized furniture, we offer on request Eigo Four, consisting of 4 lifting feet and has a lifting capacity of 1600kg/3530lbs (3200kg/7050lbs on request).


The Eigo Two set includes all components to make the working surfaces of kitchen islands, furniture or kitchen units height-adjustable. In its basic configuration it raises 800kg/1760lbs, which is enough to lift whole kitchens incl. contents.

The solid foot and head fittings made of stainless steel are particularly suitable for absorbing large weight and leverage. This way furniture with large spans with only two lifting units can be moved with ease.

The lift feet have an elegant stainless steel surface and therefore do not have to be hidden. It even lets you use it as an element in your furniture design.

The start and end heights, as well as the height display can be easily adapted to the respective furniture requirements.

With a lifting capacity of 800kg/1760lbs and up to 30cm/11.5inches stroke, Eigo Two leaves nothing to be desired. On request we supply Eigo Two with a lifting capacity of 1600kg/3530lbs or Eigo Four (4 lifting feet) with up to 3200kg/7050lbs lifting capacity.

Payload: from 800kg/1760lbs

Lift: 30cm/11.5inches

Guide price: CHF 2700

Delivery content:

  • 2 lifting modules with robust fittings
  • Control unit
  • Power plug 230V or 110V
  • Buttons with display and memory
  • Simple buttons (up/down only)
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Eigo products match every furniture standard and open up new ways to design and produce kitchens and furniture. We are at your disposal, if you want to discuss your own application or furniture creation. We gladly support you.


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