Kompaktes Liftsystem für Möbel
Möbel Insel kompakt mit höhenverstellbarer Arbeitsfläche

Elegant compact height adjustable - lifting system for kitchen and furniture

Complete and operational

The Eigo Basic set contains all components for a successful installation. No other components (except your furniture) are needed to create height adjustability.

Stainless steel

The elegant and compact design with brushed stainless steel covers enable exciting new design possibilities.


All components fit where they belong. Installation and operation of Eigo products is childs play.


There is no simpler way to install a lifting system. Just put the Eigo Basic modules between the two furniture parts and voilà, you can lift the worktop by a push of a button.

Simply versatile in style

The Eigo Basic set containts all components to successfully make kitchen islands, furniture or kitchenettes height adjustable.

The lifting module have elegant brushed stainless steel covers. The modules are a piece of elegant design by themselves.

It’s payload of 300kg and 10cm lift enable about 90% of people to work comfortably.

Payload: 300kg

Lift: 10cm

Guide price: on request

Content of delivery:

  • 2 Lifting modules with telescopic covers (stainless steel)
  • robust fittings
  • Control unit
  • Buttons
  • Power plug 230V


Eigo Basic is compatible with all furniture standards. Only its payload and the physical quality of your furniture limit your imagination for new design.

Download manual:

coming soon!


Eigo Basic Einbauplan
Eigo Basic Kücheninsel