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Eigo Expert - lifting system for unique height adjustable kitchen islands

Only furniture are missing

The content of delivery of the lifting system contains all components for a successful installation of height adjustable kitchen islands. There are no additional parts to order. Extremely robust steel fittings guarantee stability in every situation. Just mount your furniture design to it and plug it in.


Eigo Expert is the lifting system solution to make the most out of kitchen islands. Height and depth can be set at the push of a button to meet all user requirements. You can use a kitchen island as a dining table, bar table, bar or as a work table. It’s multifunctionality saves a lot of space. It is convenient to use and helps to create an exclusive design.

For movable lower cabinets

The fittings for lower cabinets can be moved back and forth at the push of a button. So you can work or eat comfortably even when sitting on your kitchen island.

Powerful sensitive

It’s payload of 1000kg, which lifts and lowers the whole kitchen island, is protected by Eigo Sense. The kitchen stops automatically when objects or living things are in the driveway.


Payload: 1000kg/2200lbs

Lift: 40cm/15.75 inches

Lower cabinets: fittings for 2 adjustable lower cabinets

Guide price: CHF 6500

Delivery contents:

  • Two lifting units with support frame made of powder-coated steel
  • Control unit with connection options for switches
  • Power plug (230V or 110V)
  • Manual
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Freedom of standards

Eigo products can be planned, assembled and are compatible with all standards. We are at your disposal, in case you want to discuss with us your own application or furniture creation. We gladly support you.


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