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Eigo Bridge height adjustable lifting system kitchen furniture
Elegante Fussabdeckung für Hubmodul, Hublift, Liftsystem

Eigo Bridge - High quality low-cost height adjustable lifting system for furniture kitchens

Complete and ready

The lifting system scope of delivery contains all components for a successful installation. There are no additional parts to order to make height adjustable furniture, kitchens or workbenches.

Stainless Steel

Stainless brushed telescopic covers are included. The covers are fastened to the lifting system with only 2 screws. There is enough room between lifting modules and covers to allow for e.g. cable. No need to manufacture furniture covers.


All components of the lifting system fit exactly where they belong. This makes installation a child’s play even without specialist knowledge.


Eigo Bridge can be mounted inside or outside of a furniture structure. With the supplied Eigo control, the lower and upper lifting height can be adjusted to suit the furniture design. Of course, the height display can also be set accordingly. That way the lifting system fits to all kinds of different applications: kitchen islands, kitchenettes, furniture, workbenches, etc.


The Eigo Bridge lifting system set includes all components to enable height adjustable of kitchen worktops, islands, furniture, workbenches or laboratories.

By a simple rotation of the mounting hardware, the feet can be struck inside or outside furniture.

The lifting feet have telescopic covers made of brushed stainless steel and can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning purposes. Of course, there is enough space inside the covers to keep the power cables from hotplates and other appliances organised.

The start and end heights, as well as the height display can be easily programmed to the respective furniture requirements.

With 220kg lifting power and up to 48cm stroke Eigo Bridge leaves nearly nothing to be desired.

Payload: 220kg/485lbs

Lift: 48cm

Guide price: CHF 1980

Delivery content:

  • 2 lifting modules with robust fittings
  • 2 telescopic stainless steel covers
  • Control unit
  • Power plug 230V or 110V
  • Buttons with display with memory (retractable)
  • Simple buttons (only up/down)


Eigo Bridge is compatible with all furniture standards. The lifting modules can be rotated in a few easy steps by 180° and then be installed in situations like niches or kitchen islands.

Mounted outside

Eigo Bridge höhenverstellbar Küchenbeschlag Hublift

Mounted inside

Eigo Bridge höhenverstellbar Beschlag Hublift Küchenzeile

Mounted inside and outside

Eigo Bridge höhenverstellbar Möbelbeschlag Hublift


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