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Lifting systems for kitchens and furniture

Furniture is living space. Life is change. The Eigo lifting systems are very easy to assemble and offer numerous applications in kitchen and furniture construction. Be one step ahead of the times and inspire your customers with innovative furniture solutions. Create more benefits and enjoyment by using lift systems to incorporate the ergonomic aspects into your furniture planning.

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We deliver the highest possible product quality so you can plan, calculate and assemble precisely.



Our products have been developed for efficient use in furniture making and kitchen construction.



With our products, interior design can easily translate new ideas for customers.



Our products probably offer the most competitive price / performance ratio in the market.


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Eigo Bridge

Eigo Bridge – the easiest way to make work surfaces height adjustable. Whether for kitchen islands, kitchenettes, niches or workplaces with high demands. Simply cheap.


Eigo Two/Four/Bed

Eigo Two / Four – with 800 to 3200kg lifting capacity whole kitchens, workstations in catering and laboratory technology lift. Simple and powerful.

Eigo Expert

Eigo Expert

Simply multifunctional. 1 ton lifting capacity, movable substructures. Furniture frame for kitchen islands with the unique certain something. Robust, complete and made easy for the carpenter.


Fair prices. High quality. Good service.

Eigo Bridge

CHF 1980Indicated price
  • Particularly suitable for the lifting of work surfaces in kitchens and work surfaces with increased demands.

  • Payload 220kg
  • For furniture islands and niches
  • Stainless steel telescopic covers
  • Programmable hight limit
  • Programmable hight display
  • Robust fittings
  • Complet and operational

Eigo Two30

CHF 2700Indicated price
  • Especially suitable for lifting heavy and wide furniture.

  • Payload 800kg
  • For increased requirements
  • Stainless steel covers
  • Programmable hight limit
  • Programmable height display
  • Robust mounting hardware
  • Complete and operational

Eigo Four30

CHF 5200Indicated price
  • Especially suitable for high lifting capacity requirements.

  • Payload 1600kg
  • For high requirements
  • Stainless steel foot cover
  • Programmable hight limit
  • Programmable hight display
  • Robust mounting fittings
  • Complete and operational

Eigo Expert

CHF 6500Indicated price
  • Support frame with lifting function and for movable substructures.

  • Payload 1000kg
  • Lift 30cm
  • For movable lower cabinets
  • Programmable hight limit
  • Many mounting options
  • Robust mounting hardware
  • Integrated safety system
  • Complete and operational

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How we can be at your service

Take advantage of our services!

Good solutions require knowledge and expertise

Our products combine a variety of different disciplines. Competencies, which we offer you in the form of conception, planning, execution and consulting.

Contact us without obligation if we can assist you with your projects, special construction or the integration of Eigo into your products.


Compiling requirements and goals comprehensively to ensure precise implementation is the basis of every good project.


We do not just think of planning right down to the last screw. Good planning must integrate efficiently with relevant business processes.


We are happy to produce for you the solution we have planned in high and tested quality. All components used meet industrial standards.

Product development

We develop products – from the idea to the finished, mass-producible product. The lowest possible production costs and efficient logistics are just as important topics as good design or serviceability.

Von Idee zu Produkt


The best result of an idea is reproducible. We think interdisciplinary, networked and integrative solutions.

Rentable Investition


Solutions and products must be profitable. For this, the costs of planning, implementation and logistics must be kept under control. Of course we are not too bad to critically question your idea.


Heer Systeme AG is a development and production company for innovative living and working solutions. Our products are used by architects, real estate companies and furniture manufacturers of all kinds and especially in the kitchen sector. Our range of services extends from research and development through production to consulting during implementation.

Among the clients of the company, founded in 1994, are architects, kitchen planners, kitchen builders as well as property owners and project developers.

Eigo are products of Heer Systeme AG.

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Excellent products:

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